Diphone Studio

Version 1.3 (December 1999)
Copyright © 1997-2004 Fluency, Amsterdam/NL
Diphone Studio is a tool for developing and maintaining a set of diphones for use in speech synthesis.

Here is a picture of Diphone Studio, with the diphone for Dutch /e-n/, cut from the utterance prenataal:

Diphone Studio (screen clip)

The program is freely available for non-commercial use. The program requires Windows 95/NT or higher, a sound card, and (optionally) a microphone.

To obtain a copy, download:

dstudio.zip (845 KB)

Installation note:
The software does not work well with long filenames that contain spaces (e.g. "c:\Program Files\Diphone Studio"). Therefore, you should install and use it in a map such as "c:\dstudio".

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