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About Fluency

Since 1997, Fluency develops text-to-speech software for Dutch.

Our main products are Fluency TTS and Spika.

Fluency TTS supports both SAPI5 and our own Fluency API, and includes a variety of applications.

Spika is a portable version of our software, which runs directly from a Flash drive, and is aimed primarily at dyslectic users.

Try the demo on the right to listen to a selection of our Dutch-speaking voices.

adres Fluency
Prins Hendrikkade 159a
NL-1011 TB Amsterdam
telefoon +31-6-14502731
e-mail info@fluency.nl

Yes, you speak Dutch!

Well, at least you can practice with our on-line demo. Use the Composer below to enter words and phrases, then press Speak.

Note: the demo requires that your browser has Flash Player 9 or better.

Arno (new!) Arthur Marco Fiona Miriam Davíd Rob Janneke


Click on the links below to enter words and phrases.

Good morning!
Good afternoon!
Good evening!
My name is ...
What's your name?
I don't understand
Thank you!
Yes, please!
No, rather not
This is a nice town
Do you know a good restaurant?
Would you like a drink?